About Us

CYL Scalp Lab Solutions is the first integrated specialist scalp and hair care centre to offer advanced treatments using Scalp Science Professional Range, combining with innovative equipment and Japanese massage techniques.

Our excellent services won us the title of “Best Treatment for Anti-Dandruff” in Daily Vanity’s “Spa & Hair Awards 2018”

CYL Signature Hair Treatment is specially designed to provide customised detoxing to clean up chemical stir in hair molecules and moisturise the hair , making it grow luscious and strong.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide integrated scalp and hair care solutions that are customised to your specific and evolving hair needs.

Most scalp conditions can be improved significantly if early treatment is sought. However, a hectic lifestyle and the lack of knowledge, causes scalp and hair issues, especially hair loss, leads to most consumers seeking help at a late stage. Hair loss can be caused by genetics, auto-immune problems, hormonal changes, nutrient deficiency, side effects of medication, stress and one’s current scalp condition.